Casino cycling route near Niagra Falls

Niagara Falls is a magnificent tourist attraction that was formerly renowned as the Honeymoon Capital of the World. However, the days of heart-shaped Jacuzzis in hotel rooms are long gone, replaced with garish carnival games, corporate restaurants…and casinos. Millions of tourists visit the Niagara Falls area each year to witness the incredible spectacle. Once you’ve … Read more

Tips to extend the life of your bike

It’s no surprise that cycling is booming, and manufacturers are struggling to keep up. Bike and part shortages are real, and there are indicators that they will last until 2022. So, depending on where you are in the globe and what you ride, you may have to get more pragmatic in order to keep your … Read more

The next generation of e-bikes

Electric bikes are rapidly evolving. Frames are getting lighter and more sturdy, but the technology that drives and manages them is also becoming smarter. Motors, displays, batteries, and smartphone applications are all changing. In only a few years, the entire e-bike riding experience has evolved into something elegant and user-friendly. This is primarily due to … Read more

Best cycling cities in Canada

Cycling is one of the greatest types of exercise and may be done with friends, relatives, or alone. But nothing beats a bike ride around a magnificent Canadian city. Canada has some of the greatest cycling cities in the world, ideal for a leisurely ride and sightseeing. A bike tour of your favorite city has … Read more

Delays for new bikes due to covid

Canadians looking for a bike or components could expect to wait up to 18 months. Cycling businesses are expecting another year or more of production and shipping difficulties due to COVID-19. Cycling became popular during the onset of the epidemic. But bike stores quickly ran out of supply for many bikes and parts. Customers have … Read more

Canadian man charity cycle for boy with cancer

Braxton Weidman and his family received the news in September 2020 that he had an aggressive malignant brain tumor. He was only 8 years old. The Greystone family of five has experienced a rough year as Braxton underwent two brain operations, radiation and chemotherapy. He began a new immunotherapy treatment in early August. His symptoms … Read more